Meet The Team

Who's behind this year's British Juggling Convention? Meet the faces behind the blog posts!



Stephen Whitehead

Stephen Whitehead - Head Honcho

I'm the one spending all of your money this year!


Ben Nichol

Ben Nichol - Lead Organiser

Lead Organiser Ben is an avid aerialist as well as a juggler, who enjoys whimsical adventures and being a creative cookie. Armed with a fine art degree and experience as Fever's events organiser; he hopes to bring fun, diversity and new skills to BJC 2017.

Claire Stephens-Davies

Claire Stephens-Davies - Gala Show Organiser


This is Claire. She ran the 2013 BJC in Pickering with her friend Sam. She has been in charge of the York one day convention show for the last 4 years and last year she took the organisation of BYJOTY. This year she's decided to organise the biggest show of them all, the BJC gala but she's still putting together BYJOTY.

Emma Welford

Emma Welford - Graphics Designer

"Emma is a recently-graduated student of Art & Design with a passion for all things juggly: also our resident designer of BJC 2017. As a natural born creative nut, she has a real buzz for graphic design and photography, but other interests include; world adventure, entertaining children, aerial acrobatics, vegan baking and getting square eyes, apparently..."

Thom Bee

Thom Bee

Juggler and aerialist with far more years experience than my ability level demonstrates. Nowadays I spend more time shouting into microphones. I've been coming to BJCs on and off since 2007 and helped organise youth circus and aerial happenings in 2014. This year I am in charge of evening shows. If you would like to contact me regarding an evening show, you can do so via our Contact page.

Jam Ward

Jam Ward - Web Developer

This will be my 7th BJC! This year I decided to volunteer again, and mix the two things I enjoy the most: web development and juggling!

 Janette Songhurst

Janette Songhurst

I'm a non-juggler who lives in the juggling world. I love to play games, cook and make things! My hubby, niece and nephew all take on different circus skills but I love BJC because it's just so friendly. The only skill I have really taken to is whip cracking!!! 

Jane Randall

Jane Randall


You may know Jane from lots of other BJC organising teams, being head honcho in 2014 & 2015, joint head in 2011 and on lots of registration desks since 2006! This year she is taking a back seat and just advising when needed. We bet you will find her somewhere around at BJC busy working so be sure to say hi, give her a hug and then make her pass with you!

Natalie Randall

Natalie Randall

Natalie was once told, by a drunk lady that she was serving at the BJC2011 bar, that she would do great things within the juggling community and that she should follow her dreams to become the best juggling convention organiser she can be. True story. Since that fateful day Natalie has organised two pretty outstanding BJC gala shows in 2014 and 2015, put together all of the evening entertainment and made sure it would all fit within the timetable. After taking a year off to recuperate, this year Natalie is collaborating with Dan to coordinate the workshops for the BJC 2017! Natalie is also helping Jane to run the EJC in 2019 which she is hoping will be the best one yet! COME ON GB!




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